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MCE Standby Tool

Application Version Link Downloads Notes
MCE Standby Tool V0.9.091
Download > 214157 - A huge number of bug fixes and small improvements.
- Totally redesigned idle detection.
- New installer.
- Fixes for remotes and playing of media not triggering Vista idle detection.
- Improved method for closing eHome and MediaPortal.
MCE Standby Tool V0.9.102
Download Latest Windows 7 compatible beta.
- See thist thread for more details.


Application Version Link Downloads Notes
LEDSdriver V0.9.023
Download > 8647 - Supports the i-Buddy as LED device
- New LED states (pulse 1x - 4x)
- Supports two LEDs without soldering

Slick Radio

Application Version Link Downloads Notes
Slick Radio NL V1.04.003
Download > 4114 Dutch only!
Slick Radio Streaming NL V1.04.005
Download > 2749 Dutch internet radio plugin
Slick Radio DE V0.04 Beta
Download > 1586 German only!
Please report broken channels so they can be fixed.

Transponderlist Tool

Application Version Link Downloads Notes
Transponderlist Tool V1.02
Download > 5825 This tool generates transponderlists from an Anysee viewer channel list.

Supported export formats are:
- Anysee CNO
- Digital Everywhere FireDTV MCE Plugin
- DVBLogic DVBLink

More info here (forum thread in Dutch)


These tools are free for private use. Please show your appreciation by donating a few euros.

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